Date: from 27 april 2013 to 27 april 2013

On April 27 from 15:00 to 18:00 you can appreciate an AUCTION with rare memorabilia from the private collection of Alexander Krylov, who is living in the United States for the last 20 years and engaged in the activities of collection in this area. Feature of presented memorabilia collection is that the phenomena and rare objects of specific events and famous people appear before the audience in a specially-designed displays of paintings, presentation showcases and installations.

They are usually located in the interaction with the objects of the culture medium from which they came.

The collection was created in the last 12 years and is now used mainly for charitable purposes.

More information about charitable activities on memorabilia: MEMORABILIA (English - Memorabilia) comes from the Latin word «memorable», which translates as "memorable". In the modern sense the term means a rare object associated with any historical event, cultural or sporting phenomenon. Of these rare objects - phenomena are formed collections along with antiques, sculpture and painting. The most collectable memorabilia are the kinds of real autographs of historical figures, the great figures of culture, science, business and the world-famous athletes.

Of particular value to collectors have exclusive props of cult movies, concert guitar (along with other musical instruments) of well-known popular bands and artists and their pop outfits. And also personal belongings of historical figures and celebrities.